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How to Celebrate a Bachelorette at the Jersey Shore

by The Asbury Girl
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The Jersey Shore is a place for making memories, so it’s a natural setting for one of the most memorable occasions of a Jersey girl’s life: her bachelorette party. Whether it’s the last fling before the ring, we’ve picked out some of the most fun ways to celebrate the bride DTS. Read on for ideas on how to celebrate a bachelorette party in the Jersey Shore area. 

Start Your Road Trip at Garden State Parkway South

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First and foremost, get yourself a great crew to head down the shore — complete with everyone’s favorite tunes. Here’s a tip: Leave before 2PM on a Friday and you’re golden, leave after 4:30PM and we’ll see you on Saturday.

Enjoy Happy Hour at Parker House

If you haven’t been to the Parker House, you haven’t lived a true Jersey Shore weekend. Located in Sea Girt, this down-the-shore staple looks like — yes– a house. However, the Parker House is a great brunch spot, happy hour spot, dinner spot, and a great spot to dance the night away in ‘God’s Basement,’ as they often call it.

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Stay at the Spring Lake Inn


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This spot takes a bachelorette party to the next level. It serves quaint breakfasts, especially homemade bed and breakfast style. The Spring Lake Inn was once featured on an HGTV makeover show. One of the featured rooms is the Nostalgia Room which has art deco decor.

Grab a Bite at Surf Taco


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Before you head out to the bars, Surf Taco is the perfect appetizer for vodka sodas for later. Tacos are an easy in-between food that isn’t too light or too heavy. Surf Taco is a local chain to the Jersey Shore — but there are lots of other great taco spots throughout — it’s just an easy pick-up and go.


Grab Drinks at Martell’s Tiki Bar

Martell’s is a DTS staple. It has live music, housed right on the beach, and an overhead in case it rains. Oh, and the drinks are nothing to scoff at either, with some serious fun ones including the yard with the shooter. Tiki Bar is located right on the boardwalk — and on a nice day, there’s nothing better.

Next Up: A Night Out at Jenks Club


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Jenks is virtually right next to Tiki Bar on the boardwalk. It is a place that highly recommend for big groups, as the venue has an ample amount of room.

A Night Out at Osprey

If looking for a late night out, the Osprey can be another spot to check out in Manasquan. This spot has been a longtime classic nightlife spot. While grabbing drinks with friends, enjoy some of the live entertainment events that are out on to dance the night away.

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End the Trip By Heading to the Beach

To wrap up your bachelorette trip, head to the beach with friends. The beach is the most iconic landmark on the Jersey Shore, making it a great idea to make sure you and your group go at least once. Just grab a beach towel, sunscreen, and take in the ocean breeze and sun rays of the sun.

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