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Hot Sand: All About Asbury Park’s Glassblowing Studio

by Jessica Norton
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New Jersey’s first public access glassblowing studio is located right in downtown Asbury Park. At Hot Sand, guests can blow their own glass art pieces or purchase one-of-a-kind handmade items from the gallery and studio located at 550 Cookman Avenue. For a rainy day activity, a date night idea, or a creative bachelorette outing, Hot Sand is a fun hands-on experience that requires no prior glassblowing skills or artistic knowledge. Keep reading to learn more about Hot Sand Asbury Park’s glassblowing process and how to reserve a session.

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About Hot Sand

Glass blowing involves shaping extremely hot, molten glass into various forms and shapes using techniques like blowing air through a blowpipe, manipulating glass with tools, and working with different temperatures and materials. We’re talking temps that are over 2,100 degrees — it’s no joke.


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Hot Sand provides a safe and controlled environment for customers to explore and learn about the art of glass blowing by creating their own glass objects such as vases, candy dishes, suntiles, ornaments, and more. Glass-blowing sessions provide one-on-one instructions with one of Hot Sand’s skilled glassblowers. The team provides all of the necessary equipment, tools, and guidance to create whatever piece is desired. Equipment includes safety glasses, leather gloves, and aprons for extra protection during the creation process.

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Hot Sand’s introductory glassblowing activities last about 30 minutes with two sessions running at a time. The hot shop studio — the area where the glass blowing happens — has two workbenches, which allows for two appointments every half hour during the glassblowing hours. For a party that is more than two people, it’s recommended to book consecutive appointment times. roups can arrive together, check-in and get an introduction with the Hot Sand team and then each member of the group can watch — and, most importantly, take photos — from the shop’s gallery while they wait for their turn.


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Closed-toed shoes are required to participate in Hot Shop activities and comfortable, breathable clothing made of natural fibers should be worn. Hot Sand advises avoiding wearing synthetics as the material has the potential to melt if you get too close to a heat source. While Hot Sand does have central air conditioning and fans, the furnace and equipment are running constantly so it can get pretty warm inside. Guests are encouraged to bring water bottles.

Glass art activities are available for all ages but for insurance purposes, participants must be over nine years old to enter the hot shop. Customers under the age of nine can still watch sessions from the gallery and participate in Hot Sand’s QuickCast and SunTile projects.


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All glass items made during the on-site glass-blowing activities are ready for pick up at the studio or for delivery seven days after they were made. Hot Sand projects are great to give as a gift or save as a memorable keepsake. Just remember that the items from Hot Sand are not microwave-safe and should be hand-washed to prolong their existence.

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Activity prices range from $45 to $125. Guests can make a glassblowing activity reservation on Hot Sand Asbury Park’s website or by calling (732) 927-5475.

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