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Red Bank’s First Dispensary is Now Open

by Jessica Norton
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Monteverde NJ, a female-founded, modern boutique dispensary, is Red Bank’s first cannabis dispensary open for both recreational and medicinal sales. Monteverde opened for medical patients in December 2023 and received the green light to sell recreational cannabis to customers over the age of 21 beginning in February 2024. For new users or seasoned THC experts, the new Monmouth County dispensary provides a chic, stress-free experience for purchasing premium cannabis products ranging from flowers, concentrates, and edibles to CBD and topicals. Read on to learn more about Monteverde NJ located at 45 North Bridge Avenue in Red Bank, NJ.

About Monteverde NJ

Monteverde NJ is now open at 45 North Bridge Avenue in Red Bank for medicinal and recreational cannabis sales. Monteverde NJ is owned and operated by Elizabeth Egan, a New Jersey resident with experience working in healthcare and the medical industry who saw cannabis as an alternative solution for her patients. The process of opening Monteverde NJ began in 2018. Initial plans included potential opportunities for the dispensary to land in Hoboken or Asbury Park.

Ultimately, it was unable to secure a spot in Hoboken and the mayor and Council of the City of Asbury Park decided to prohibit all cannabis-related land use and development as well as any cannabis establishments, distributors, and delivery services within the geographic boundaries of Asbury Park. Red Bank approved Cannabis-related businesses in 2021 and Monteverde decided to pursue the Monmouth County location despite not being on its radar.

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Elizabeth said that ending up in Red Bank has been a “blessing in disguise” for Monteverde. “Red Bank is such an awesome, walkable town. From shoppers to medical professionals, we’ve had so many different people stop in. It’s been wonderful,” she said.

Elizabeth and Monteverde’s General Manager of Operations, Brad Shelly, uses a client-centered approach with the dispensary, eliminating not only the stigma around cannabis consumption but also the anxiety that many new patients feel about finding the right product.

Customers will be able to customize orders on a digital, touch screen menu as well speak with educated budtenders – the adorably appropriate widespread term for staff members that work behind the counters at dispensaries — about products and usage. Monteverde believes in educating customers to help them select the best cannabis products for their needs and preferences by providing easily digestible knowledge and information with no judgment.

Elizabeth is happy to provide broader access to regulated cannabis, which she says is a much safer alternative to black market products, and normalize the usage and benefits of cannabis at the Jersey Shore.

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

The difference between medicinal and recreational cannabis lies in its intended use. Medical cannabis is specifically used to treat health conditions under medical supervision, while recreational cannabis is used for personal enjoyment without a medical purpose.

Approved, qualifying medical conditions for cannabis treatment include anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, dysmenorrhea, glaucoma, inflammatory bowel disease, migraine, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, PTSD, epilepsy, and Tourette Syndrome, just to name a few.

Cannabis use under safe and normal circumstances can have incredibly desirable effects that include but are not limited to, feelings of overall well-being, alleviated anxiety, nausea relief, alertness, and increased appetite – whether the user experiences chronic medical conditions.

Where to Begin + What to Expect

Monteverde NJ believes that the cannabis journey should be an approachable and stress-free experience. new cannabis users are recommended to start low and go slow until finding the ideal dose, as the physical and psychological effects of cannabis use vary from person to person. The budtenders will assist patrons in making well-informed decisions during their visits to the dispensary.

All customers must show ID when entering Monteverde, and an assigned budtender will walk patrons through all of the options they have available, from vapes and edibles to strains and amounts. The main takeaway the AG team has from visiting the dispensary is that it is not overwhelming and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

While cannabis has plenty of positive side effects, the THC in cannabis is a psychoactive compound that can affect movement, balance, coordination, and judgment. Some possible adverse effects include confusion, paranoia, anxiety, increased blood pressure, nausea, and hallucinations. Safety is key to enjoying cannabis. While cannabis is legal, driving or operating any kind of heavy machinery while under the influence of any substance is illegal.

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Visit Monteverde NJ

Monteverde, the boutique-style medical and adult recreational cannabis dispensary, is licensed by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission. The dispensary is located at 45 North Bridge Avenue in Red Bank, New Jersey. Its hours of operation are Mondays to Saturdays from 12PM to 7PM and Sundays 10AM to 5PM. Free street parking is available on the surrounding streets. Monteverde NJ provides in-store shopping and online ordering for an expedited checkout experience.

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